Psalm 119:105

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Schedule for Homeschooling Mom of 4

Lisa's Spring 2013 Homeschool Schedule

7-9     Up, Devotion & Breakfast

9-9:30  Bible & Memory Verses with all 4 kids

9:30-10 History and World Geography with 3 youngest kids

10-11 Language Arts with Bethany & Isaiah

11-12 Little ones do PE & I make & serve lunch

12-1 Math with Bethany & Isaiah

1-1:30 Science with Bethany & Isaiah

2-4 Housekeeping & go over older kids work

Monday- 6 10 minute clean ups & My Room
Wednesday- 6 10 minute clean ups & Vacuum
Thursday- 6 10 minute clean ups & Kitchen
Friday-Finances & run errands

Fridays-  Meet with Hannah & Aaron and go over all work & make adjustments for the following week.

Rewards to be given daily for completion of school work and chores with a great attitude.

Friday-  Unschooling day.. Set out paints, put on classical music, write pen pals go on a picnic etc. 

Aaron's 8th Grade Homeschooling Schedule

2013 Course Syllabus for Aaron Jimenez Grade 8

World Geography
Physical Science

    Finish BJUP 8th grade
    Participate in Family Devotions

    Complete Alex Beginning College Geometry
    Complete Alex Beginning Algebra
    (Work 45 minutes per day)

    Literature- read 20 pages per day & complete 5 book reviews
    Vocabulary & Spelling- Write Sentences & Make Vocab Cards
    Writing-Complete 1 essay per week
    Grammar-Review printed grammar rules

History & Geography
    Do US History and World Geography with Teacher
    Read about 3 Presidents per week (choose 1 for weekly essay)

    Complete Abeka 9th grade Physical Science
    Answer 5 questions per section and include 1 illustration
    (Answers must be complete sentences and use proper grammar)

    30-60 min activity per day 4x per week
    This includes outdoor play


    Monday- Clean Room
    Tuesday- Clean Bathroom
    Wednesday- Clean Outside & Check all trashes
    Thursday- Clean the Garage
    Friday- Organize for 30 minutes

Daily:  Brush Dogs and care for dogs food and water needs.  Check the Kitchen Trash.  Check all your areas for neatness before free time and getting ready for bed.  Make sure you have everything ready to start school the night before.. Desk neat, pencils sharpened, and the next day’s to do list ready.

English Course Syllabus

Literature:      Read 20 pages per week or more
        Complete 5 Book Reviews
        Book Reviews are worth 100 points each
        Reviews must be typed and well written

Vocabulary and Spelling:        1 list to be completed weekly
                    Write a sentence for each word
                    Make study cards for words
                    Review on Fridays include spelling   
                    Each Word is worth 1 point
                    160 Words for 160 points
                    Each Spelling Test is worth 10 points
                    16 Tests equals 160 points

Writing:    Complete 1 essay per week
        Topic to be chosen from President or Science Book
        Each Paper must be at least 2 pages typed and
        Have 5 paragraphs
        16 papers at 50 points each equals 800 points
        Papers turned in 1 or more days early will receive
        Extra Credit of 10 points

Grammar:    Review all Grammar hand-outs
        Correct all grammar errors on essays and book reviews
        25 points for reading grammar review notes
        10 points per book review and essay corrected
        21 x 10 equals 210 points